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The Benefits Of Opening A Food Truck VS Opening A Restaurant

• Food trucks cost anywhere between $30,000 - $60,000 to build. Restaurants cost anywhere between $100,000 - $500,000 to build.
• Food trucks are basically the main engine of your foodservice business on wheels. If your location is slow you can always get up and drive to a new one. Restaurant owners have it is much more difficult to move their store. Moving also means renovating all over again, which can be quite expensive.
• No rent. With a food truck you can kiss paying rent goodbye. All you have to pay for is your permit, food, and energy. That saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month.
• No indoor dining. COVID-19 indoor dining bans have virtually no effect on food truck owners. This can save your thousands of dollars lost by owning a food truck instead.
• Some places allow food trucks to have outdoor dining. That is right! Now you can now potentially have outdoor dining too at no additional cost.
• No dishes! With a food truck you don't ever have to wash another dish again. All items are made to go!
• And for those who currently own a restaurant, owning and driving a food truck is like a free advertisement on wheels for your business. With a food truck your truck can earn you money not just by selling food, but by advertising your other existing restaurants.

How To Get Started

Bring over your food truck, food cart, or food trailer and we will customize it according to your kitchen needs. We make each project our masterpiece to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed!

What We Offer

1) Food Truck Equipment

2) Equipment Installation

3) Fabrication

4) Generators

5) Propane Tanks

6) Exhaust Hood & Ventilation Systems

7) Menu Designs

8) Vehicle Wraps

9) Web Design

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